A Beard A Day

For those of you with Twitter, I can be found @GERichmond . Send me your pictures with your free beards!

I’ll try to set up a face book in the next couple days.

Or just email me at gerichmond@hotmail.co.uk

Okay people bear(d) with me while I try to sort it out so you can submit your beardy pics!


So…guys…where do even begin with the saturday I just experienced?

An incomprehensible keyboard smash seems most accurate to describe all my feels.


Right…*cough* well, now that’s out of the way, let’s start at the beginning.

As I mentioned in my previous text post, this weekend was Scrumpstock, a festival for cider and music, and most importantly where The Beards would be playing. So I thought it was a prime opportunity to get rid of all my leftover beards from this Beard A Day project. I had 114 left over that weren’t earmarked for selling, and they were just taking up space, so I boxed them up all ready to go.

My friend and I made good time, and got to the venue about midday, got our tent all sorted and then made our way in.

My expectation of how my beards would go down were mixed, and most of me expected to get turned away from venue because…well, why WOULD I be allowed in with a fairly large box? I could not have been more wrong.

Everyone embraced the beards with an enthusuasm I could NEVER have wished for in my wildest dreams. It was quite overwhelming if I do say so! My box was half depleted before I really noticed, and it was amazing to look around and see so many people wearing the beards the had made.











There were tons of absolute darlings who really spread the word and got people really involved with the beards. It was fantastic. The cider was awesome, the bands and performers were ace, and the day went far far too fast.


This man is called Ash Mandrake and you should all youtube/see him live because he is amazing and hilarious!

But then the moment we were all waiting for happened; The Beards themselves arrived! Early and innocuous and spent a long time before their late-night set milling around and joining in with the festivites of Scrumpstock.

I met them, guys. My main influence for this Beard A Day project, and I met them and talked to them.image


I acted cool..I hope.

They are seriously the coolest guys ever.

Their set was absolutely incredible, as you’d expect, and they were just fantastic with the crowd. I was lucky enough to be stood right at the front and got to do a lot of beard touching. A lot of Beard beard touching. They were spectacular.

And then…in a moment I will remember for the rest of my life, I got asked up on stage for acknowledgement of the 114 beards I had given out. I’m fairly certain I didn’t act cool at that point.

After their performance we bought their CD and they were lovely enough to sign it for us.

And that was my Scrumpstock. Absolutely unbelievable weekend, I think I’m still processing it to be honest.

I also got massively sunburnt and had hardly any sleep, but saying it was worth it would be an understatement.

I’ll try and post more pictures when they get to me, and hopefully a few of the people who recieved a beard would be kind enough to send me pictures :D

One Last Beardy Hurrah!

So this weekend is the much anticipated Scrumpstock! To which I will be taking all my leftover beards.

So if your at Scrumpstock this weekend, keep an eye out for some homeless beards!! And dont be afraid to pick them up and take them home :D

They’re going to be perfect for watching The Beards :D

I have started listing my beards for sale over on Etsy. There’s only 19 up so far (there was 20, but one has sold! Yay!) so check them out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/GERichmond

New blog

So I had to set up an entirely new account to get my new blog the way I wanted. Go check it out at www.grichmondart.tumblr.com

It will hopefully be full of interesting and innovative craft and art. But will probably be full of me going ‘I’m still knitting the same bloody cardigan’.


Patsy brought these hand-knitted beards home from College that had been placed there by abeardaday. You could take these beards home with you on the stipulation that you take a photo of yourself and send them in. Done and done!

Beard Days are Over

I think it’s time to admit to myself and you guys that this beard a day project has reached its conclusion. I’m sad that I didn’t make it the full year, but taking the hiatus has made me realise that I really dont want to go back to making a beard a day, when there are so many others things I want and need to be making right now.

So this is it guys. There’s a few days worth of backlog that I will probably upload in one big post, but then that will be it for this Beard A Day project. As I said before, this project has done what I needed it to do; to keep me creative when my inspiration was at its lowest. But now I’ve settled into ‘normal’ life, and I’m ready to start doing art projects that have real meaning and thought behind them.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen to this blog now. I may evolve it into a standard art blog, but that seems unlikely.Tumblr doesn’t have the feedback capabilities for a good art blog. It’s more like a sounding board where you just talk to yourself, haha. Which is fine, but I’m going to look around for better hosting sites, and I’ll keep you updated when I do that.

But what about the beards? If you’ve had your eye on any that I’ve made, now would be the time to make enquiries about buying or reserving. I’m going to sell the ones anybody would like, and the rest will be used in a fantastic beard plant somewhere in Britain. I have my eyes set on London, but it will probably end up being somewhere closer to home.

So this is farewell to the project. Obviously I’ll be sticking around for the finishing bits and bobs, but you can officially stamp this project COMPLETE.